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NOVEMBER 12-14, 2023


Dead Sea


2 Nights, 3 Days of Health & Rejuvenation


November 12

  • Free time @ the Dead Sea

  • Check in and a Juice 

  • Sunset Yoga with Malky

  • Sunset Aqua Aerobics with Malka

  • Juice/Food

  • Getting to know you

  • Energy healing with Kelly Brin

  • Open your soul to the cleansing musical experience with Judith Gertzi

November 13

  • Massage hours from 8-3

  • Sunrise Yoga with Malky

  • Aqua Aerobics with Malka

  • Yoga with Malky once again 

  • Dead Sea& mud/pool/hot tubs/massage hours

  • Detox Workshop with Nilli Grutman: Exploring Its Vital Role in Health and the importance of Juicing

  • Herb infused oil workshop with Naomi Elbinger. Make your own infused oil, a herbal salve, an infused honey and a herbal tea blend.

  • Juice/Smoothie experience with Kelly Brin

  • Class with Nilli Grutman: Harmonizing Hormones Naturally Throughout Every Stage of a Woman's Journey

  • A juice & “Why are we not taking care of ourselves”- with Kelly Brin

  • Sunset Yoga with Malky or Sunset Salsa with Sarah Tikvah

  • Juice /Meal

  • Life Talk with Malky & Leah

  • Dance-Movement with Sarah Tikvah - An evening to remember!

November 14

  • Sunrise Yoga with Malky

  • Guided walk to the Dead Sea; swim & mud time

  • Cultivating Optimal Digestive Flora - The Foundation of Vibrant Health & Wrap Up of Our Fantastic Journey!

  • Beach access/pool/hot tubs/massage time


Who We Are


We are women who are passionate about helping other women self-care, take time out to breathe and rejuvenate.  We are joining together to bring our professional strengths and personal journeys to create a magical experience that we hope will touch you deeply and enable you to leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated body and soul

Leah Mitnick

leah mitnick

Leah is a co-founder of Rejuvenate Body and Soul Retreats. She is a certified Natural Juice Therapist, Reflexologist and founder/owner of Mitz Chai, which provides Fresh Cold Pressed Juices to the Orthodox community in Israel and abroad. In addition to providing juices to add health and vitality to peoples lives, Leah also runs 15 day guided cleanses (Reboots) to help people feel rejuvenated and heal from chronic conditions.  For more information on her juices visit

Malky Lovy

malky lovy

Malky is a co-founder of Rejuvenate Body and Soul Retreats and is a certified aerobics and yoga instructor who has been teaching exercise classes for over 20 years.  She owns and teaches yoga in her oasis of a yoga studio as well as online on her website Bringing healing and stress-relief to her students is her passion.  Malky's favorite part of teaching is seeing her students walk out feeling lighter, empowered and better equipped to deal with life's inevitable ups and downs.

Joining us as staff on the upcoming retreat

Kelly Brin

kelly Brin

Kelly is a Registered Nurse,  Energy practitioner, and Relationship coach who has dedicated her life to helping others. Her background in nursing and her holistic lifestyle has provided Kelly with a  deep understanding of the importance of physical and emotional well-being. Kelly is dedicated to raising awareness and increasing people's capacity for happiness and vitality.

Naomi Elbinger

Naomi Elbinger

Naomi Elbinger is an author, entrepreneur and urban farmer living in Ramat Beit Shemesh. She is the co-author of the groundbreaking Torah novel, Yedidya, and a long-time activist on behalf of Jewish women entrepreneurs, as well as nature education in the Charedi sector. She runs workshops about wildcrafting and urban farming, and shares her knowledge and experiences on her blog 

Nilli Grutman

Nilli Grutman

Nilli is a recognized expert in functional nutrition, driven by a genuine commitment to holistic wellness. With a degree from UC Davis, renowned for its esteemed nutrition program, and over a decade operating clinics in Israel and Los Angeles, Nilli's expertise reflects her deep dedication

Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth

Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth

Sarah Tikvah trained Modern, Jazz, Latin, and African  Dance at Purdue University, GIordano’s Dance School, and Hubbard Street Dance Co. to mention a few. She’s been performing and teaching dance, fitness, and yoga for over 20 years. She currently resides in RBS with her family while teaching dance and yoga in her RBS studio.


Malka Kornreich

Malka Kornreich is a Well known Health Wellness Professional and Aqua Trainer living in Givat Zeev. With over 25 years of experience helping women feel great again. A Whole New Way - To a Life of Vibrancy. Integrated Intuitive healing.  Certified Emotion code/ Body Code/3DTherapy- Energy healing that works!

Retreats….Presentations…. Webinars!

Joining us


Judith Gerzi

Rebbetzin Judith gerzi

Rebbetzin Judith Gerzi is an international soul-singer/songwriter. With the voice of an angel, she’ll take you from joy, to tears, to laugh all in one show!! Her passion is to bring Achdut and self awareness and inspiration through her music.

This retreat is dedicated as an Ilui Neshama for Leah's father, Leib ben Shai, who passed away this year. He was a man who strived to live a life of health and inner serenity being careful to eat healthy foods, exercise daily and practice self care regularly. He radiated love and peace and this deeply affected all who knew him. May the benefit you gain from this retreat be an Ilui for his neshama.

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