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NOVEMBER 12-14, 2023



We have rented out gorgeous private grounds on the Dead Sea, with 24 upscale glamorous air conditioned tents, a beautiful wading pool and hot tubs and all in a minutes drive to the beach. There is full day concierge shuttle service that will take you back and forth from the sea anytime you'd like.

The beautiful Dead Sea will help in the detoxifying process as the mud and salt help to extract the toxins from the body.

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We are joining together to bring our professional strengths and personal journeys to create a magical experience that we hope will touch you deeply and enable you to leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated body and soul, on a physical, mental and spiritual level so you feel empowered to return to your everyday life and thrive!

You will experience the amazing benefits of a juice cleanse. Your body will be flooded daily with the much needed vitamins and minerals it craves to function normally. Hashem made our bodies capable of self- healing but the toxins we are exposed to through unhealthy food and stress hamper its ability to accomplish this. You will learn how to help restore your body to it’s optimal state and will experience this restoration together with other like minded women on a journey to better health.

People generally feel Rejuvenated body and soul after a cleanse, often having more mental clarity, less aches and pains, clearer more beautiful skin, weight loss, increased energy, improvements in digestion, lowered body inflammation, and a boost to their immune system.


Preparing ones' body before a juice cleanse as well as transitioning one's body gently back to food after a cleanse is an important part of the general detox process. We will be sending all participants general guidelines of how this works closer to the time of the Retreat.

In addition, Leah, our in-house Natural Juice Therapist and Malky, our Yoga teacher, have prepared a special Journey to Rejuvenation for the participants of the retreat who would like more support during the preparation before and transition back to food after. The program includes a daily whatsapp/email with guidance and support prior to the retreat and in the transition after. There will be a menu plan, recipes, the option to buy extra juices, a daily yoga video practice by Malky as well as a self empowering mediation by Kelly.

The idea of a 3-day-juice-only retreat may be a lot for a beginner juicer so we are providing a plant -based evening meal during the cleanse in place of a juice for those who sign up prior to the retreat. We will also have some plant - based food available on site for everyone to take if they feel they need to eat.

Please note: all juices are premade in the highest quality cold-pressed juicer and blast frozen to keep the nutrients intact

All our juices have the Hashgacha of the Badatz Eida Hachareidis. The food for the retreat will be made in the Badatz Eida Hachareidis kitchen where we make our juices. All the ingredients will be Badatz Eida Hachareidis and will be made under the instruction of our Mashgiach. However we are not able to receive a hashgacha for the food at the retreat as we would need a Mashgiach on the premises in the Dead sea. All pots and ovens and utensils will be new and will be used only in our Badatz Eida Hachareidis kitchen. If anyone has any questions please contact Leah or Malky.

There will be a delicious salad based meal with a plant protein, made from high quality produce. It will be a generous serving that is prepared for the purposes of the retreat. Closer to the retreat you will receive options of what you would like in your meal and you will need to tick off exactly which options you want. In addition to this meal there will be a separate fridge with plant based food that is available to anyone on the retreat to enjoy if and when they decide they need to
Everyone is at different stages on their health journey and should make their own personal food choices according to their needs. Please feel free NOT to feel guilty for helping yourself to some plant based food during your stay if that is your choice. However there will be many women doing the full 3 day juice cleanse so please keep all food to the area in which it is being served.


Leah Mitnick of Mitz Chai will be providing the retreat with all the juices neccessary to do a cleanse. Leah brings her vast experience with women dealing with all kinds of chronic issues and has seen many women through the process of a cleanse. She can gently guide women through the preparatory phase as well as the transition back to food.


Nilli Grutman, our in-house Functional-Nutritionist will bring her tremendous science-based knowledge and experience. She will be discussing Detoxification: Exploring its vital role in health and

the significance of juicing, harmonizing hormones throughout every stage of a woman's journey, and cultivating optimal digestive flora, the foundation of vibrant health.


Movement is an essential component of the cleansing process. It’s crucial for proper blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Malky, our in- house Yoga teacher, brings a wealth of knowledge and her personal journey to healing through Yoga. She will take you on a sunrise and sunset yoga experience, helping to bring serenity to your life by learning new ways to deal with daily stress as well as aches and pains through breath and movement.


Kelly Brin will bring her experience as a registered nurse turned holistic healer trained by Rebbetzin Orit Reiter. You will learn tools to help heal your inner world so you can move forward on your life’s journey with more clarity and peace about yourself and your life’s situation. She will be giving a workshop on Energy healing as well as a workshop on exploring why we women find self care so difficult. Kelly will also be involved in the optional Reboot transition programme before and after the retreat offering daily meditiations that will help empower you to succeed in the cleansing process. You will take home a few mediations that she is preparing especially for our retreat.


Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth brings her beautiful soulful dance with Salsa and movement as well as humor to allow your soul to reconnect to its body once again. You will enjoy how Sara Tikvah will make you feel young again!


Naomi Elbinger, owner of Bloomah’s Farm, a naturalist & herbalist for many years brings her vast knowledge and experience with herbs and their power to heal, to run a herb workshop teaching us how to make and take home an infused oil, a herbal salve, an infused honey and a herbal tea blend.


Malka Kornreich will be giving her well known Energetic and entertaining water aerobics sessions on our retreat. Incredible release of stress, reviving to the circulation. A combination of an amazing cardio- resistance workout without the sweat/ A rejuvenating and stimulating experience with the backdrop and healing of the dead sea. Perfect for Prenatal/ Postnatal, Back Pain and more.

Rebbetzin Judith Gerzi will bring her incredibly beautiful voice and presence to help awaken your soul and help it connect to the experience of the cleanse.

we look forward to sharing this

Magical Experience

with you

Please note: a juice cleanse is not appropriate for anyone pregnant, breast feeding, nursing, or under 18, as well as anyone undergoing dialysis, chemotherapy or radiation. In addition, this program may be a trigger for anyone underweight or with an eating disorder and is thus not recommended. Individuals with any of the following uncontrolled conditions should NOT do a cleanse: Diabetes, epilepsy, liver disease, anemia, impaired immune function, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's.

If you are on medication, please check with your doctor as to whether a juice cleanse is safe and appropriate.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any babies or children at the retreat.

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