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NOVEMBER 12-14, 2023

Please Note: Unfortunately we can't accommodate babies or children on the retreat

Would you like to be in a 2 person or 3 person tent?
Do you have any allergies?

There are 2 food tracks: Juices Only or Juices with 1 Meal.

If you choose the Juices Only option, you will receive 4 daily juices + 1 wheatgrass shot.  The second option, Juices with 1 meal, includes 3 daily juices and one pre-ordered plant-based evening meal.

Both options also include access to some plant-based food stored in a refrigerator you can help yourself to when necessary. 

Please select which track you would like to choose:

Massage hours are provided by Kalia Beach Hotel and are held in rooms on the premises. The hours available are between 8am and 3pm on Monday and between 8am and 1pm on Tuesday. All bookings must be prepaid in order to be confirmed. 50mins-1hr is 400nis. The massage hours are subject to change based on demand.

Would you like to book a massage?

Nilli Grutman is a recognized expert in functional nutrition and will be giving 3 different workshops about different aspect of health. If there are any specific topics/conditions you would like discussed,

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