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Rabbi Shmuel Weiner is the פוסק of our organization.   
They have overseen events for organizations such as Agudath Yisroel of America. Project Inspire & Chaim V'chessed.

Bringing Jewish women to laugh, cry & heal together

Project Unite

Welcome to

   February 5-7, 2024 at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel in Yerushalayim


  Choose the option that works best for you!  

  Stay for 1 Night or 2 Nights-3 Days   

  Or just come for the day!  ​

Click here to view our exciting schedule

We’ve created a rejuvenating, educational,  inspiring, healthful, fun and empowering event in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel designed to heal and foster unity among other incredible women of Am Yisrael, all awaiting the impending Geula.


Rabbi Shmuel Weiner is the Rav of Khal Zichron Nosson Tzvi in Ramat Eshkol as well as the פוסק for the Hashgacha.
They have overseen events for organizations such as Agudath Yisroel of America, Project Inspire & Chaim V'chessed.

What speakers & activities will be there for you to enjoy?


Enjoy a varied selection of classes & activities.  Feel free to choose the ones that speak to you. 

  • Hear from the inspiring Jennifer Airley, mother of fallen soldier Benyamin Meir Airley, HY"D, who exudes incredible Emunah, strength and joy.

  • 'Write Your Way Home' Creative Writing with Yocheved Rottenberg.  Explore the power of storytelling as a form of healing and expression.

  • Get all of the facts from Nilli Grutman on how to balance your hormones & manage emotional eating.

  • Malka Kornreich will be giving Emotion Code workshops. As a Holistic Practitioner/ Intuitive Healer, she will share how healing has gone High tech and Energy Psychology has been making breakthroughs in trauma and healing.

  • Learn how to live a more plant based life with Chanah Rothberg, aka "Chef Raw Raw ".

  • Sourdough and Pickling Workshops with Chana Witkin.  Engage in hands-on culinary activities to discover the art of sourdough baking and pickling.

Together we will gain insight and direction from renowned Rebbetzins Tziporah Heller-GottliebMalkie (Twersky) Friedman, Shani Taragin, Nechama Karlinksy & Orit Esther Riter as well as gaining spiritual strength from women who have experienced the trials of war firsthand.

  • Get moving with talented dance and excercise teacher Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth.

  • Experience Yoga Bliss with Malky Lovy as you breathe, stretch & destress.

  • Leah Mitnick can teach you how to heal chronic illnesses by harnessing the power of cold-pressed juices. 

Evening Entertainment:

  • Kumzitz with Judith Gerzi: Inspirational songs to warm your soul.

  • Laughter Games Workshop with Debbie Hirsch: Get ready to supercharge yourself and develop skills that build self esteem, focus on the positive, roll with the unexpected and laugh at one's mistakes.


We have joined together to bring our professional strengths and personal journeys to create a magical experience that we hope will touch you deeply and enable you to leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated body and soul, on a physical, mental and spiritual level so you feel empowered to return to your everyday life with tools and greater perspective on how to move forward.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in a wellness-focused culinary experience featuring healthy food options, cold-pressed juices, and even an optional juice cleanse for those seeking to jumpstart their health with a detox in a supportive environment.

We will be bringing a Mashgiach to supervise the preparation of our meals from the following Hashgacha:


We are offering a variety of food tracks to accommodate individual preferences, including a partial or full juice cleanse.

All tracks include a daily midday snack of fresh fruit as well as juices and dateballs.


Orit Esther spends day and night dedicated to the klal, spreading the light of emuna, and helping thousands of people heal from trauma and pain. In her quest to help as many women and men as possible deal with their life’s challenges, Orit Esther sends out encouraging and inspirational emails to thousands of subscribers, facilitates women’s retreats, and lectures around the world. She has also published numerous self-help books on turning around your life and established a digital academy of Torah courses.


Nilli Grutman, our in-house Functional-Nutritionist will bring her tremendous science-based knowledge and experience. She will be discussing Detoxification: Exploring its vital role in health and the significance of juicing, harmonizing hormones throughout every stage of a woman's journey, and cultivating optimal digestive flora, the foundation of vibrant health.


Yocheved Rottenberg is a leading therapeutic writing facilitator in the Jewish community worldwide. With thousands of participants in her beloved workshops and many more through her best selling book, she has touched the lives of Jewish women throughout the world, giving them life-changing tools to relieve their stress, increase their emotional health, and create a meaningful connection to themselves, Hashem, and those around them. Read about her groundbreaking work online or through her book, both named "Write Your Way Home."


Debbie Hirsch has run Laughter Games Workshops internationally for over 10 years and coached tens of thousands of people how to be more fun.

She went to the School of Performing Arts in NYC, have been in Hollywood films, and have performed on stage around the world.  "I believe injecting more fun into your day is the secret to having more positive energy.

We can solve the problems that stifle us when we drop our over-serious approach and unleash our child-like adventure, fun and creativity."


Leah Mitnick of Mitz Chai will be providing the retreat with all the juices neccessary to do a cleanse. Leah brings her vast experience with women dealing with all kinds of chronic issues and has seen many women through the process of a cleanse. She can gently guide women through the preparatory phase as well as the transition back to food.


Chana Witkin graduated from UW Madison with a BS in Microbiology. After college she pursued a true foundation in health which has included sprouting, fermenting, herbal medicine, spiritual health and different healing modalities. Using her background in science and her passion for a healthy and integrated lifestyle she teaches about fermenting vegetables, sourdough bread and shares her love of all things-health. She is certified in massage and reflexology and raises her family in Ramat Beit Shemesh.


Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth brings her beautiful soulful dance with Salsa and movement as well as humor to allow your soul to reconnect to its body once again. You will enjoy how Sara Tikvah will make you feel young again!


Malky Lovy is a certified Yoga instructor who teaches Yin, Flow, Restorative, Gentle Yoga, as well as the exhilarating & therapeutic Aerial Yoga, in her oasis of a yoga studio in Ramat Beit Shemesh.  After years of suffering from adrenal fatigue, debilitating back aches & an autoimmune disorder, she was introduced to Susie Rosenfeld & the healing world of Yoga. 

Being one of the organizers of Project Unite is a direct extension of Malky's passion to provide a safe, supportive, stress-relieving & judgment-free environment for others.

Practice Yoga with Malky anywhere in the world on her website:


Shani Taragin is the educational director of Matan-Bellows Eshkolot Tanakh teachers’ professional development program and Mizrachi-MTVA Lapidot teachers of Torah shebe’al-peh. Shani has directed, taught and continues to teach, lead Tanach tours and coordinate programs in numerous seminaries and adult education programs in Israel and worldwide. Shani serves on the advisory committee for the World Mizrachi Shalhevet program for shlichim and lectures on topics of Tanach, Jewish education, Jewish law and women’s health.


Jennifer Airley, Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer. 
Jen made Aliyah in 2006 from NY. Lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh with her husband Rob and 6 children. She spends her days seeing private clients, teaching exercise classes to women of all ages, teaching mountain biking, EMT volunteering, and learning and teaching Torah. She enjoys hiking and running anywhere and everywhere in Eretz Yisrael.


Rebbetzin Judith Gerzi will bring her incredibly beautiful voice and presence to help awaken your soul.


Chanah Rothberg aka “Chef Raw Raw” is an internationally known cookbook author and chef-turned-coach who helps people find their unique paths toward healthy living. She helps her clients find ways to build simple and sustainable habits and a sense of overall calm.

She has an extensive background in culinary arts, health coaching, EFT Tapping and Narrative Therapy.  Chanah understands how imbalances in food choices are usually because of an imbalance in life choices and her coaching helps you pinpoint (and work on) those imbalances.  


Malka Kornreich will be giving The famous Emotion Code workshops. As a Holistic Practitioner/ Intuitive Healer, she will share how healing has gone High tech and Energy Psychology has been making breakthroughs in trauma and healing.


Yehudis Schamroth had a long career as a nurse anesthetist, but after many years of concern that Western medicine was falling short in properly healing patients, she moved to Israel and pursued her desire to learn alternative medicine, acupuncture, and herbalism. She now has a very busy integrative medicine practice in the Beit Shemesh , Efrat and Jerusalem areas.  She also focuses on patient education and lecturing others on integrating both Eastern and Western medicines into their healing. She is a volunteer for Keren Yosef, which provides the community with emergency services and medical education. She can be contacted at RBSAcupuncture at 0545-91-6673 or on Instagram @rbsacupunctureys


Dr. Rochelle Dweck is a licensed psychologist and certified yoga instructor. She has devoted her professional life to health and healing, both body and mind. As a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years, Vijnana yoga instructor, and natural health practitioner (aromatherapy, herbology, reiki and natural pharmaceuticals and cosmetics), she has guided and supported many people on their journey to a healthier life.


Devorah Benarroch iDream Business & Real Estate Consultant is on board at the retreat to help facilitate logistics before, during and after the retreat to help make sure we all have a great time. Feel free to reach out to her regarding Sponsorship Opportunities.

We look forward to sharing this

Transformative Experience

with you

Please note: a juice cleanse is not appropriate for anyone pregnant, breast feeding, nursing, or under 18, as well as anyone undergoing dialysis, chemotherapy or radiation. In addition, this program may be a trigger for anyone underweight or with an eating disorder and is thus not recommended. Individuals with any of the following uncontrolled conditions should NOT do a cleanse: Diabetes, epilepsy, liver disease, anemia, impaired immune function, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's.

If you are on medication, please check with your doctor as to whether a juice cleanse is safe and appropriate.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any babies or children at the retreat.


Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller-Gottlieb is internationally known as an outstanding scholar of Jewish Studies as well as a gifted lecturer, she has been a full-time faculty member of Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem since 1980.  A sought-after speaker, her lecture tours throughout the United States, Canada, England and South Africa always draw enthusiastic crowds.

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